What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise Business

What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise Business – The PCD pharma franchise opportunity is wide in India? If you are thinking of starting a medicine business then you should know about its scope. The Indian pharmaceuticals industry is wide. The government has been extending its arms for better growth and development. One can see a great future here but before that, we are going to share what is the scope of PCD pharma franchise business in India.

What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise Business

India has a surplus population. The demand for medicines is high. The people are willing to spend a good amount of medication and healthcare. PCD business is one such platform where medicines and pharmaceuticals products are the commodities. If you think about the future then PCD pharma franchise has a good scope in later life of the business. In this article, we are sharing the insights on what is the scope of PCD pharma franchise business in India as a startup or expansion.

Pharma Franchise Scope For Startups and Retailers in India

Being new to the industry or the business pharma franchise world is a whole new experience. It is always advised to go with the best pharma franchise in India. You can look at the list of top PCD pharma companies in India for better collaboration. This helps you in creating demand and making quality offerings to your customers. The scope of the franchise for freshers to retailers in the pharmaceuticals sector in India is as follows:

  • Standalone or Retail Pharmacy (also known as pharmacy, drugstore or chemist shop) for sectors or residential localities.
  • Township Pharmacy for housing complex or societies.
  • Clinical Pharmacy for clinics of doctors, physicians, psychiatrists etc. The business is done in collaboration with a medical professional whose ultimate customers are his patients.
  • Hospital Pharmacy for hospitals and daycare centres where medical facilities are provided.
  • Internet or Online pharmacy. Just like Medimart, Netmed.com etc you can start your own online venture. This can be a retailer as well as a wholesaler. It has good scope for all.
  • Specialty Pharmacy for special medicines that is for a particular illness or treatments like diabetes, oncology, and rheumatoid arthritis etc.

The pharmaceuticals sector takes care of human as well as animal medication need. Thus, the above all kinds of pharmacy can be found as a veterinary pharmacy too. These medicines are for animals which can be found as in collaboration with an animal’s doctor clinic and hospital.  The initial requirements to start the above franchise may differ from company to company.

Scope Of Pharma Franchise Expansion for PCD Vendors, Distributors and Wholesalers in India

Pharma Franchise owners are bigger traders of PCD vendors. If you have experience in this industry as a PCD vendor for many years then go for monopoly franchise. It has good scope in future. The Pharma Companies need distributors and wholesalers for smooth working and sales. When you have created a niche and a promising name in the industry then you can expand your business by becoming any of the following:

  1. Single Party Pharma Franchise Distributor/ Wholesalers
  2. Multiple Party Pharma Franchise Distribution/ Wholesalers

All this depend on your personal reach. If you have good distribution channel and network then go to multiple parties but if the channels are limited then go for the Single party distributor. Thus, selection should be purely on your distribution network because the workload of multiple parties is heavier than single. If you do have a good network then it would be difficult to cope up with the sale target.

What is the Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India?

What Are The Kinds of Pharma Distributor or Wholesaler Scope in India?

If you think that you want to have a wholesale business then you can choose to become anything. This is your personal choice if you want to stick to a speciality range of widening the offerings. Buy in bulk and sell it in large segments. One can start offer as follows:

  • C&F (Carrying & Forwarding Agent
  • Chain pharmacy like Apollo Pharmacy
  • Health Supplements distributor
  • General Medicine distributor
  • Over the counter (OTC) medicine distributor
  • Stockiest
  • Surgical distributor
  • Unani/ Ayurvedic/ Herbal / Homeopathic medicine distributor etc.


You need to have salesmanship spirit to have a good business ahead. The opportunity in this sector is wide. You can expand your business numerous times. Alisier Drugs is a top pharma franchise company in India. You get to own a wide range of medicines with attractive deals.