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Pharma Franchise for Miscellaneous Products Range

Pharma Franchise for Miscellaneous Products Range – Alisier Drugs brings you a chance to start your own business through PCD pharma franchise business opportunities. Our company brings you a vast range of miscellaneous pharmaceuticals drugs to pharma franchise in India. Our company is an ISO certified leading Pharma Franchise Company in India that operates all over India. Our company has a good base of 250+ associates. We are looking for new members who can carry forward our legacy through franchise business opportunities.

Alisier Drugs is a proud manufacturer and supplier of a variety of drugs and medicines. This includes different healthcare segments like diabetes, infection, allergies, cough, cold etc. You will get to own a vast range of tablets, caplets, softgels, syrups, dry suspensions, powders, ointments, gels creams etc. Pharma franchise for miscellaneous products range will bring you good business opportunities. The whole processing has been taken place in GMP-WHO units that follow high-quality standards like by Indian Medical Association. Our company promises you quality formulations at most genuine rates.

Why Collaborate With Alisier Drugs For Pharma Franchise Business in India?

Alisier Drugs has been intensively working in this sector for many years. We are a well-known name in the market. People have appreciated nationwide for quality medicines and drugs that we offer. Our ethical approach towards our services has helped gain us, trustable vendors and members. Currently, we operate in 25+ states and aim at extending our business opportunities in the un-presented areas. Alisier Drugs aims at providing good healthcare services through medicine. Thus, all our medicines are affordable. If you are thinking why Alisier Drugs, then take a look at the benefits of being our associate:

  1. We frequently introduce new medicines to our list, thus, you get to growth with coming time.
  2. Profit margin is good here.
  3. Better distribution network all over India.
  4. GMP-WHO manufacturing
  5. Monopoly pharma franchise in India.
  6. DCGI approved a list of drugs.

Get Genuine Pharmaceuticals Drugs For Pharma franchise At Alisier Drugs!

Our company has been covering almost all the healthcare segments. We are a reputed pharma marketing service providers. Our medicines are DCGI approved. They have made in Schedule M units that follow the guidance of good manufacturing practices and WHO.  You will get here drugs for fungal infections, type 2 diabetes,  polycystic ovary syndrome,  parasitic infections, and parasitic worm infestations etc under the miscellaneous category. This consists of a range of anti-vertigo medication, antifungal, anti-diabetic, anthelmintic and much more. The drugs that cover our miscellaneous category are as follows:

  • Albendazole ( albendazolum)
  • Betahistine
  • Fluconazole
  • Glimepride
  • Ivermectin
  • Metformin etc.

Why Choose Alisier Drugs For Monopoly PCD/Pharma Franchise For Medicines?

Alisier Drugs is based in Haryana. Our company is ISO certified and deals witha vast variety of medicnes that will help you prosper as franchise onwners in India. We will be providing your exclusive rights and promise you to allow wide area under your control. Take a look at the advantages of being our member:

  1. Our company has more than 250+ members in different states of India. We are growing our presence and you could be one of them.
  2. The business opportunity that we are providing is on a monopoly basis. The exclusive rights to your territory will help you gain momentum and cut the competition.
  3. Marketing and promotional benefits are a joy at Alisier Drugs. Our company presents the franchise members with different promotional tools like chemist pads, MR bags, diaries, visual aids etc.
  4. The investments start from Rs15000 for PCD and Rs 50000 for Pharma Franchise. The initial investment may differ from one place to another. We have made sure that flexible investment policy is being embraced by us.
  5. We have tied up with different fast delivery providers. The smooth connection with our units will help you get your order within the said time.
  6. Our targets have been kept genuine which is easily attainable. You will be flowered with good incentives and bonus.

Want to know more about the franchise business opportunities near you? Alisier Drugs invites dedicated and hard-working people who seek good business collaborations. Call us at +91 7206609999, 0171-2610500 to know more about our company. You can even leave us a message for our team members to contact you back. We will be looking forward to your response.