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Pharma franchise for Injectable Products

 Pharma franchise for Injectable Products – Are you looking for a quality range of injection medicines? Want quality injectables to range for pharma franchise? Alisier Drugs’ top pharma franchise company in India brings you genuine dealerships of PCD pharma franchise and pharma franchise for Injectable products in India. Our company encourages affordable pricing system to promote better healthcare system. Our company adheres to strict quality controls to provide you effective and pure drugs formulations.

Demand for injectables has grown in recent times. This is the best dosage system for unconscious patients and those who cannot take oral dosages like syrups and tablets. Our company invites all those who are searching for genuine PCD pharma franchise for Injectable products on a monopoly basis. Our company is distributing quality liquid injection medicines like antibiotics, analgesics, anti-malarial etc. The drugs that we offer are approved by DCGI. You can trust on our quality drug formulations for better business opportunities across India.

Why Take Injectables or Injection Medicines For Pharma Franchise?

Injections are one of the popular drug dosages in the pharmaceuticals industry. Injectables are the drugs used in liquid forms using a syringe and hypodermic needle). The drug is injected into the vein, muscles, dermis, tissues etc for easy absorption. They are a popular demand all over India. The drugs dosage system has been used in surgery and treatment especially in cases where the patient is unconscious and is unable to intake any other dosage system.

Why Collaborate With Alisier Drugs For Pharma Franchise Business in India?

Alisier Drugs is a Haryana based Pharma Company that deals in monopoly pharma franchise. Our company is a well-known trader, manufacturer, supplier and marketers in India. We conduct franchise business opportunities in all the states of India covering all the major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. The plans have been kept nominal and flexible to your requirements. One can start a business with Alisier Drugs as low as Rs 15000 (subjected to terms & conditions).  Here are some of the best parts of being our associate:

  1. Our company manufactures all the injection medicines Schedule M, GMP and WHO units.
  2. World class packaging technology has been used. Hygiene and sterilized containers have been used for storing liquid formulation of injectables.
  3. You will get a wide range of DCGI approved Injectable drugs for pharma franchise in India.
  4. Our company has a wide network of a delivery system that is well connected to our units.
  5. Best research and development team that consists of skilled and experienced personnel.

Get Genuine Pharmaceuticals Drugs For Pharma Franchise At Alisier Drugs!

Alisier Drugs brings you wide collection of Injectable medicines. They are made using A-grade material derived from trustable resources. Our company always ensures that you get quality medicines. Our injectables range are present for bacterial infections, arthritis blood disorders, oncology, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and much more. This covers healthcare segments like an antibacterial drug, Analgesic, gastro drugs, anti-malarial, multivitamin etc. Here are some of the Injectable drugs provided by Alisier Drugs for monopoly PCD/pharma franchise opportunity:

  • Ceftriaxone Sodium
  • Amikacin
  • Tramadol HCL
  • Methylprednesolone Acetate
  • Pantoprazole Sodium
  • Arteether
  • Artesunate
  • Clavulanic Acid
  • Amoxycillin

Why Choose Alisier Drugs For Monopoly PCD/Pharma Franchise For Medicines?

Alisier Drugs welcome all those who are interested in our Injectable franchise business opportunity. Our company provides DCGI approved drugs that mark the essence of quality drug formulations. We have been using Indian Medical Association guidelines to manufacture quality drug formulations. Here are the benefits of choosing us:

  • Our company is proving promotional and marketing support through the attractive list of tools like visual aids, diaries, MR bags, prescription pads, promotional literature etc.
  • We are giving good profit margin to our associates.
  • Our company frequently releases new molecules. This is to ensure you stable and good growth as members.
  • Handsome incentives and bonus will be provided to you on the achievement of regular targets

You can talk about the available injection drugs list and their quotation prices. Directly dial +91 7206609999, 0171-2610500 to talk to our experts and know more about the future prospects with the company. We will be happy to have you as our franchise member. Our company promises you better opportunities and growth in future as a PCD franchise member.