3rd Party Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

We have an expertise in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and this is one of our valuable and most esteemed services. Our years of experience in the aforementioned area has won us appreciation across the country and abroad and has helped us maintain a clientele that is satisfied with our value added and quality services. We handle various Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services and besides these services, we offer a gamut of Pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceuticals Contract Manufacturing of Capsules, Tablets, Injections (Dry & Liquid) and Eye Drops is undertaken, along with the production of MDCs own commercial range.

We pass the benefits of Excise Free Zone like excise duty and central sales tax to our clients to ensure the most competitive rates in the market. Adhering to our clients prerequisite for dependability, flexibility and strict confidentiality, our commitment to excellence is a value ingrained throughout our organization which enables us to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our state of the art Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Tax free Zone conforms to ISO 9001, GMP Certified Revised Schedule M Unit & adheres to the WHO-GMP, MHRA, MCA-UK norms. Automatic fill form & seal facility is also a part of the manufacturing facility. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning & cold room chains take care of facility’s hygiene to make it suitable for manufacturing sterile products and storing them.

Alisier Drugs Pvt. Ltd. has perhaps one of the very few manufacturing facilities in the country which is completely dedicated to external applications. The facility is equipped with the latest high-speed machinery for the manufacture of Capsules, Tablets, Injections (Dry & Liquid) and Eye Drops. It has a unidirectional flow of materials and separate quarantine areas for each stage of the manufacturing, providing complete segregation and security of materials at each stage. The people and material movements are also totally segregated. The surface of all walls, ceilings and floor is made of hard and impervious materials. The critical manufacturing areas are treated with epoxy resin material leading to total crevices free environment. Manufacturing and packaging activities form a separate unit altogether.