What are the Requirements to Take PCD Pharma Franchise

are the Requirements to Take PCD Pharma Franchise – Want to start your own pharma franchise business in India? Do you want to be your own boss? The Indian pharmaceuticals industry is growing in terms of size and value. Anyone who is searching for a good business can find it’s a good business destination. There are different market segments that are divided as per healthcare sectors. These include dental, dental, ophthalmic, pediatric, gynaecology, neuropsychiatric, psychiatric, orthopaedic etc. The markets are witnessing better improvements with good compound rate growth and much more. To take up a franchise business, we will be discussing what are the requirements to take PCD pharma franchise in India.

What are the Requirements to Take PCD Pharma Franchise

Franchise business in India is mushrooming everywhere. The industry is one of the largest profit-making firms in the world. It holds quite good value. The demand for medicines is high all the years even in times of war and depression. Thus, there is no stopping for medicines franchise business. If you want to start your business, Alisier Drugs brings you an article about, ‘what are the requirements to take PCD pharma franchise in India’.

Guidelines For Requirements For Taking A Pharma Franchise!

Whether you are an individual or a partnership firm, franchise business can be a good business startup. This will help you setup better business goals and opportunities. There are many scopes and growth opportunities in this business line. You will get to own quite decent returns and profits. Firstly, make a good research work of the business you want to get involved in like you may want to start with a dental clinic that requires dental medicines, a homoeopathic clinic offering medicines of same or ayurvedic medicine etc. Here is a list of things that are required to start your own franchise pharma business in India.

Choose Best Pharma Company in India

If you want to start off with any franchise business you will need a good pharma franchise company. If you want to start off with any company, you can consider these points for better listing:

  • The company should be certified with ISO. It will be better if they have their own GMP-WHO units.
  • Some companies provide loan and credit facilities to its associates. This a good option for those who want to be cautious in cases of financial up-downs.
  • Wide list of medicines. They should be accredited with DCGI, FSSAI, and FDA etc. More the better! Be concerned about the market you want to dominate like ayurvedic, pediatric, dermatology etc.
  • The list of promotional tools. The marketing aspect is very crucial for every budding business. Pharma franchise companies offer to appeal promotional tools and gifts like visual aids, MR bags, diaries, promotional literature, chemist pads etc.
  • Availability of products in the particular regions where you want to take the franchise. Many time companies restrict the sales of their products or franchise in some locations.
  • Go for monopoly business format. Franchise companies offer monopoly rights or exclusive rights to the places where they offer franchise at best prices. Monopoly rights will give you the freedom of price control in that place.

List Of Things You Need To Look While Applying For Pharma Franchise

There are many things that you need to look! You can call them factors, lists or points to look after before applying for PCD pharma franchise in India. Here take a look at the following:

  1. Although no restriction on who apply for a franchise. For many (all pharma franchise owners) you should have at least 3-4 years in this field with a reputed pharma company.
  2. The minimum qualification is at least or equivalent to SSC or graduation.
  3. The investment raising power is very important. You should have an investment of 3 to 4 lakhs on daily basis. The initial start takes Rs 15000 to Rs 50,000 from company to company.
  4. Vacancy in that particular area is very important. You cannot opt for a franchise where there is no vacancy or is occupied by the person already.
  5. You should own a Drug License (you can get from Central Drug Standard Control Organization or State Drug Standard Control Organization)
  6. It is compulsory for all to be registered on GST network.


The pharma franchise business is the best start. Alisier Drugs is the best PCD pharma franchise company in India that offer franchise businesses all over India. We are ISO certified with 300+ SCI approved drug formulations. We wish you luck for your franchise business.