Types Of Distributor And Wholesaler In Pharma Sector

Types Of Distributor And Wholesaler In Pharma Sector – The pharma industry all over the world depends on quality drug formulation and sale of it. If you want to start your own business, then you must know the types of distributors and wholesalers in the pharma sector. The consumers are spread wide and far in every corner of the world. The pharma industry is wholly responsible for the provision of qualitative yet genuine medicines and drugs.

Types Of Distributor And Wholesaler In Pharma SectorTo have a smoother distribution channel, the distributors and wholesalers are appointed by the individual pharma companies. There are different types of distributors and wholesalers in the pharma sector. We will be discussing the types available in India.

What Is Difference Between A Distributor and A Wholesaler?

A distributor and a wholesaler may have the same task of raising sales but they are different y many ways. They work as middlemen between you and the company itself working as effective supply chain. If you think, they both are same then think twice. Take a look at the differences between a distributor and a wholesaler:

Pharma Distributors: A direct relationship with the manufacturer or company is formed. An exclusive agreement or contract can also be signed with them which is usually the case with reputed and big distributors. This is done to maintain the limit of participant numbers and their exclusive territory.

The pharma distributors are mainly specific about their work and tend to make the terms and conditions clear. The distributor is rarely under the contact of the consumer for sale purpose. They are mainly approached by wholesaler and retailers for purchase purposes.

Wholesalers: The wholesalers as said are more in contact with the distributors and rarely with the company. They buy the pharma medicines and drugs in bulk from them and resale further at a higher price for profit. The resale process can also go through discount offerings on the medicines, products or merchandise. The wholesaler representatives approach retailers for further sale who are in contact with the consumers like pharmacists, chemist shops, clinics etc.

Types of PCD Pharma/ Pharma Franchise Distributors/ Wholesalers

You must have heard about PCD franchise and monopoly pharma franchise in India. They are widely used by the companies as a direct channel for distribution. The companies are appointing a franchise clients for further resale of medicines. They are mainly distributors and wholesaler donned as franchise owners.

Single Party Pharma PCD/ Pharma Franchise Distributors/ Wholesalers

As the word single denotes smaller scale reseller. They buy in bulk yet small quantities from the manufacturers or companies. Single party pharma distributors or wholesalers tend to have no or fewer channels to make a sale and mainly is in direct contact with the consumers. They tend to make higher margin profit for the company including fewer sales. Such dealers are no mandatory to have a wholesale drug license number

Multiple Party PCD Franchise/ Pharma Franchise Distributors/ Wholesalers

Usually, big distributors or wholesalers are denoted here. Various channels are appointed by them to meet the huge sales target like PCDs, own a franchise or appointing distributaries etc. The scale of sales in large with larger target yet less r is achieved by the company or the manufacturer. They create a bigger hype in the market through various channels they have when it comes to promotion of your brand.

Different Types Of Pharma Wholesaler Or Distributor In The Pharma Sector

The pharma industry has its own types of wholesaler and distributor. If you are looking for different types of distributors and wholesalers in the pharma sector, then here you go:

Producer distributor or Wholesalers: They distributor or wholesaler work in a centered premises which is usually in the hustle bustle of the business area. It helps attract more customers by offering their best deals and discounts. They are more focused on showcasing and less strategic with each a key record.

Merchant Distributor/ Wholesalers: Shipper purchases are made by them. This includes claim and possession for further sale entitlement. It is their decision that they want to sale it directly or indirectly. The pharma products resale includes a list of products which are difficult to sale in a particular area or region. The profit margin is higher for them.

Agents and Brokers: Different zones or regions have different demands but some lesser demands also include non-focused and integral items. The pharma companies or manufacturers appoint them as a discount specialist for white products makers. The commission rate for the brokers or agents is fixed by the companies or under the mutual agreement by both the parties.


A franchise business in pharmaceuticals industry is all about good distribution techniques. The propaganda cum distribution franchise business or a simple monopoly business can work on wide scopes to provide the best to the owner.