How To Start Pharma Franchise Business

How To Start Pharma Franchise Business – Pharma Franchise is the best business to start your own venture. You can earn a decent profit from a small investment. The returns on investment are high in communing times where one can find good opportunities for expansion. Anyone can join as a PCD member and if you are already a PCD dealer then you can go for better expansion by becoming a monopoly franchise dealer in your zone. Know how to start pharma franchise business in India!

How To Start Pharma Franchise Business

Alisier Drugs brings you some insights to start your own monopoly franchise business. We are one of the top pharma franchise companies in India to bring your quite genuine franchise dealerships. In this article by Alisier Drugs, we are sharing all the details on how to start pharma franchise business. Take a look at them:

Things To Remember When Starting Your Own Franchise Pharma Business Venture

A business venture is always a through process. You need to go through a couple of things and discussion before really going for it. Franchise business has a lot of scope in India especially when it means medicines business. You are likely to earn well. Take a look at a few tips on starting a pharmaceuticals franchise venture:

  • Make observations and know about the demand in your desired location. A pharmacists or chemist shopkeeper can help you know the best.
  • Pharma industry is huge and has multiple segments. You can choose whether you want to go for a particular segment of ophthalmic, pediatric, diabetic, derma range etc. You can go for general medicine like tablets, capsules, injectables etc. It all depends on the demand for medicines and products.
  • It is best to consider your talents and skills. Always give priority to it. You should have salesmanship spirit to attain good sales target.
  • Make a list of available pharma companies around you which have good demand. Pay attention to available business offerings like promotional tools, a variety of medicines, monopoly rights, competition etc.
  • Decide if you need a partner for distributing investment. It is helpful in cases of financial support.
  • Try to control your finance by controlling overhead cost. The gestation period is uncertain and exhausting when it comes to money. So have patience and be prepared for a contingency fund.
  • Take look at the assumptions and conclusion made in your research. You can take help of live persons, online reviews and social platforms for better knowledge. You should have a clear-cut vision before starting a pharma franchise business.

How To Start Pharma Franchise Business in India

What Do You Need To Start A Pharma Franchise Business in India?

The pharmaceuticals industry is a popular choice for business startups. The demand for quality medicines has risen. The government supports the industry for better healthcare and medical system. Thus, the policies, rules and regulations for pharma people are strict. They are meant to be followed strictly by the businessmen, companies and associations. In case of PCD or monopoly franchise member, here is the list of compulsory things:

  1. You should own a Drug license. It is mandatory to own and if you do not have then apply now.
  2. Since the rollout of GST, it is very important for everyone to be registered in GST network. You should have your GST number for the further business.

Other things that are required to start a business are as follows:

  • Partnership deed if you are registered partners.
  • Identity proof.
  • Sales report in case you have previously worked with a company as a medical representative.
  • A network of 4-5 doctors.
  • 3-4 years of experience as a PCD associate or in pharma industry with a reputed company. (it can differ with company norms).

 How To Choose A Good PCD Pharmaceuticals Company in India?

To have a good business in future one needs to have a good pharma company beside you. If you are confused about how to list a company then take a look at the following points for clarity:

  1. The company should be ISO certified. This marks them as a quality maker.
  2. It is best if the company has its own GMP-WHO units. You can see a future as a potential pharma franchise company in case you want to start your own venture.
  3. Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approved drugs list is the best. If you get someone with FDA and FSSAI approved then it is good for you.


Some pharma companies also provide credit and loan facilities to their associates. You need to make a little research. Alisier Drugs is the best Pharma Company for this. We are certified with ISO and offer 300+  range of drug currently. The investment plans are affordable and flexible to your all kinds of pharmaceuticals needs. We wish you all the best for a franchise business.